Vol: 41, No.28 EASTER SUNDAY ( A) April 20 2014  
PREFACE I (Easter)
It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, at all times to acclaim you, O Lord, but on this day above all to laud you yet more gloriously, when Christ our Passover has been sacrificed.
For he is the true Lamb who has taken away the sins of the world; by dying he has destroyed our death, and by rising, restored our life.
Therefore, overcome with paschal joy, every land, every people exults in your praise and even the heavenly Powers, with the angelic hosts, sing together
the unending hymn of your glory, as they acclaim:
All: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts…
Christ our Passover has been sacrificed, alleluia; therefore let us keep the feast with the unleavened bread of purity and truth, alleluia, alleluia. (1 Cor 5:7-8)
Look upon your Church, O God, with unfailing love and favour, so that, renewed by the paschal mysteries, she may come to the glory of the resurrection. Through Christ our Lord.
We can face anything, endure anything, as long as we know or believe it will not last for ever, and that something better will happen.
Hope is as necessary for the spirit as bread is for the body. It is amazing what the human spirit can endure and overcome provided it is nourished by the bread of hope.
Easter provides an enormous injection of hope for the human spirit. And how much it is needed. There is a lot of tragedy in life. Good things are destroyed. Good people are cut down: Thomas More, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Oscar Romero... And of course Jesus. He too was cut down. But he rose again.
The world didn’t take much notice of the resurrection of Jesus. The reason for this lies in the fact that it was a humble, hidden event. Jesus did not appear in triumph in the Temple in Jerusalem, humiliating those who humiliated him. Only those whom he called by name, with whom he broke
bread and to whom he spoke words of peace, were aware of what happened. And even they had difficulty in believing. Like us, they were slow to believe. Yet, it was this hidden event that freed humanity from the shackles of death.
Jesus rose as a sign to those who loved him and followed him that God’s love is stronger than death. The resurrection of Jesus must not be seperated from the resurrection of humanity saved by him. By entering fully into human life, and by experiencing the bitterness of death, Jesus became a Brother and a Saviour to all people. The death of Jesus was part of God’s plan. Jesus is the Pioneer and Leader of our salvation: pointing the way and leading the way along the road of obedience and suffering.
Faith in the resurrection of Jesus is the basis of our hope of eternal life, a hope which enables us to bear patiently the trials of life.
– Fr Flor McCarthy, SDB
We wish all our Patrons and Well-Wishers
A Very Happy Easter!
May the Risen Christ bless you with His Peace and Joy.
– Editor & Staff
April 2014 READINGS OF THE WEEK Octave of Easter
21 Mon (W) Acts 2:14,22-33/Ps 16:1-2a and 5,7-8,9-10,11/Mt 28:8-15
22 Tue (W) Mother Earth Day, Acts 2:36-41/Ps 33:4-5,18-19,20,22/Jn 20:11-18
23 Wed (W) Acts 3:1-10/Ps 105:1-2,3-4,6-7,8-9/Lk 24:13-35
24 Thu (R) St Fidelis, Acts 3:11-26/Ps 8:2ab,5,6-7,8-9/Lk 24:35-48
25 Fri (R) st mark, Ev. – Feast, Acts 4:1-12/Ps 118:1-2,4,22-24,25-27a/Jn 21:1-14
26 Sat (W) Acts 4:13-21/Ps 118:1,14-15ab,16-18,19-21/Mk 16:9-15
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