Vol: 41, No.57 ALL SOUL\'S DAY ( A) November 02 2014  

loved. Through our prayers and suffrages we pay in some measure our debt of gratitude to them for all the good things they said and did to us.
The dead and we are bound together by a multiplicity of close bonds: bonds of justice, love, gratitude and blood relationship. They are all our people, and our love and sense of duty do not permit us to ignore them. We do well to be generous in helping them through our prayers and sacrifices, and let us be sure: what is given to them will come back to us hundredfold.
Remembering, reflecting on and praying for the deceased bring relief to those beloved souls. Such remembrance brings benefit also to ourselves, because it helps us avoid sin and do good. Moreover, it brings glory to God, for heaven will be opened to a multitude of the faithful departed who will sing the praises of God for all eternity.
The Book of Wisdom affirms that the souls of the just are under the protection of God. Persecutions and torments inflicted by the wicked cannot touch them. In their death the just have arrived at true peace which is not only the absence of all evil but also the delight in all what is good in the intimacy of God (Wis 3:7-9). The faithful will remain forever in the presence of God whose intimacy with them will never end. As St Paul says, in Christ we have the certainty of the love of God.
The reality of life as we see it often does not lead us to optimism. Yet the basis of the experience of the Christian is solid: in the uncertainties of life he/she resists in all andagainst all because God loves him/her.

This conviction is based on the proof that Christ has given us of the love of God, by dying for us. We are justified by his blood.
Nevertheless, praying for the dead is a long-standing tradition of the Church. What purpose does it serve? We pray because there can be so much aversion, so much bad will and indifference, even in the person who dies in the state of grace. Therefore there can be so much that needs to be changed, to be purified, and to be liberated from egoism and selfishness. To die is also to die to all evil. It is the baptism of death in Christ which completes the baptism of water.
Another aspect of death is that it can be the purification, the definitive and total conversion to divine light. How long does this purification last? We do not know. Our duty is simply to help the deceased through our prayers and suffrages.
On the Last Day death shall be overcome. The Resurrection of Christ, after his supreme sacrifice on the Cross, contains in a mysterious way the resurrection of the entire body of Christ. When the resurrection of the entire body of Christ takes place, the multitude of his members together will form the fullness of the body of Christ; then they will all be one body whose members they are. In the short Gospel reading of today’s Mass, Jesus speaks twice about the resurrection that will take place on the Last Day. He will certainly not lose a single one of those whom the Father has given him. We have this assurance from the Lord himself.
– Fr (Dr) George Kaitholil, ssp
Why We Should pray for the souls in Purgatory?
1. Our spiritual life is enriched, our progress in perfection hastened. 
2. We grow in faith, hope and love. 
3. Our appreciation of time increases. 
4. We gain helpers in life. 
5. We gain helpers in death.
All these are weighty reasons for remembering the holy souls in our Masses, Communions, Rosaries, Stations of the Cross, other prayers and charitable works.
November 2014 READINGS OF THE WEEK Psalter Week 3
03 Mon (G) Phil 2:1-4/Ps 131:1bcde.2.3/Lk 14:12-14
04 Tue (G) Phil 2:5-11/Ps 22:26b-27.28-30ab.30e.31-32/Lk 14:15-24
05 Wed (G) Phil 2:12-18/Ps 27:1.4.13-14/Lk 14:25-33
06 Thu


Phil 3:3-8a/Ps 105:2-3.4-5.6-7/Lk 15:1-10
07 Fri (G) Phil 3:17–4:1/Ps 122:1-2.3-4ab.4cd-5/Lk 16:1-8
08 Sat (G) Phil 4:10-19/Ps 112:1b-2.5-6.8a and 9/Lk 16:9-15
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