Vol: 45, No.37 NATIVITY OF JOHN THE BAPTIST ( B) June 24 2018  
Cel: Dear brothers and sisters, today we honour St John the Baptist who became the forerunner of the Lord Jesus. True to his vocation the Baptist prepared the people and led them to Jesus. He allowed his own disciples to leave him and become disciples of Jesus. Let us place our petitions before the Lord so that they may be transformed as graces we need, saying,
Response: Lord, may your grace transform us.

1. For the pope, the bishops, the priests and the clergy that as the Baptist prepared the people with powerful words and deeds, the pastors of the Church may bring vigour and vitality into Christian living, we pray … R./
2. We pray that as John the Baptist showed great humility on encountering the Lord Jesus, we too may embrace the virtue of humility in our dealings with our fellow human beings, we pray … R./
3. For married couples that they may prepare themselves to welcome new lives which is God’s gift to them, just as John the Baptist, a miraculous child, was a gift his parents received through incessant prayers, we pray … R./
4. For parents who lose their children at young age due to disease or accidents that they may be comforted and consoled through the loving mercy of God, we pray … R./
5. That John the Baptist may become a model of fearlessness, fairness, integrity and austerity that we too need in order to be good Christians and good citizens, we pray … R./

(Pray for community and personal needs)
Cel: God our Father, we thank you for the gift of John the Baptist who prepared a people fit for the Lord. With great humility and magnanimity of heart John baptized your Son in the waters of the Jordan and paved the way for Jesus to
begin his own ministry of doing good. Give us the grace that we too may live our lives in the sincerity of heart and mind. We make this prayer …
We place these offering on your altar, O Lord, to celebrate with fitting honour the nativity of him who both foretold the coming of the world’s Saviour and pointed him out when he came. Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.
It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks, Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God, through Christ our Lord.
In his Precursor, Saint John the Baptist, we praise your great glory, for you consecrated him for a singular honour among those born of women.
His birth brought great rejoicing; even in the womb he leapt for joy at the coming of human salvation. He alone of all the prophets pointed out the Lamb of redemption.
And to make holy the flowing waters, he baptized the very author of Baptism and was privileged to bear him supreme witness by the shedding of his blood.
And so, with the Powers of heaven, we worship you constantly on earth, and before your majesty without end we acclaim:
All: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts…
Through the tender mercy of our God, the Dawn from on high will visit us. (Lk 1:78)
Having feasted at the banquet of the heavenly Lamb, we pray, O Lord, that, finding joy in the nativity of Saint John the Baptist, your Church may know as the author of her rebirth the Christ whose coming John foretold. Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.
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