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Vol: 46, No.26 GOOD FRIDAY ( C) April 19 2019  
  1. O Cross, erected above the world,
    Cross of our Saviour King! (2)

    Fount from which gushed the waters
    Straight from the wound in his side,
    Filling our lives with his gift of grace,
    Cross of our Saviour King!
  2. O Cross, sublime and refulgent tree,
    Cross of our Saviour King! (2)

    Jesus, through thee, has saved us;
    Great was the price that he paid.
    Thou art the folly of love divine,
    Cross of our Saviour King!
  3. O Cross, thou channel of grace divine,
    Cross of our Saviour King! (2)

    Tree, on which death was conquered,
    Thou the first altar of love.
    Jesus the Lamb gave his life on thee,
    Cross of our Saviour King!
  4. O Cross, all honour and praise to thee,
    Cross of our Saviour King! (2)

    Thou art the sign of victory,

Sign of redemption and life;
Homage and glory belong to thee,
Cross of our Saviour King!

Almighty ever-living God, who have restored us to life by the blessed Death and Resurrection of your Christ, preserve in us the work of your mercy, that, by partaking of this mystery, we may have a life unceasingly devoted to you. Through Christ our Lord.
Cel: Bow down for the blessing.
May abundant blessing, O Lord, we pray, descend upon your people, who have honoured the Death of your Son in the hope of their resurrection: may pardon come, comfort be given, holy faith increase, and everlasting redemption be made secure. Through Christ our Lord.
All: AMEN.
Today is Good Friday. Jesus is born in a manger in Bethlehem, under the divine gaze as heaven watches and rejoices. Today Jesus is put to death in Jerusalem by being nailed to a cross, the most gruesome method ever invented in killing a person. Heaven suffers this time. His birth and death is separated by a mere 30 plus years. Having done everything in his power to uphold life – healing anyone who comes to him with a disease, teaching the people who come crowding to him, expelling demons from people who are possessed, feeding people who are hungry after hearing him for days often in lonely and deserted places – he is awarded death by crucifixion. His adversaries have put forward the most obnoxious arguments and mobilized the crowd to demand crucifixion thus compromising every known norms of justice.
The ancestors of the people who killed Jesus have been rescued from Egypt by God whom they worship. The Hebrew slaves rescued from Egypt eventually become the people of Israel. From Exodus from Egypt (about 1260) to the Birth of Jesus (about 6 B.C.), the people
of Israel are cared for by God. At the fullness of time, God sends his Son and expects that the people will accept God’s Son as the human face of God. God dwelling among his people is a concept strongly advocated by the prophets and the people have longed for God’s presence. But when Jesus claims that he has been sent by God his enemies accuse him of blasphemy. “You being a mere man are making yourself equal to God” is their justification. On these occasions Jesus would say that his hour has not yet come. His adversaries would have power over him only when Jesus decides it. Jesus is in full control over himself during his passion. But the hour of Jesus comes on Good Friday and Jesus hands himself over to his Father. The guilt of those who have killed Jesus remains because the Roman prefect has found him clearly innocent. Innocent man being punished is a travesty of justice. And Jesus will always be remembered with all the innocent people who are made to suffer. Death is not the end of life. It is just an opening towards the resurrection. Good Friday leads to the Easter Sunday!
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