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Vol: 45, No.12 4TH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME ( B) January 28 2018  
Cel: In his farewell speech Moses tells the people that when he dies, God will raise a prophet after him. That new prophet raised by God is Jesus and even unclean spirits are subject to him. Let us ask for the grace to live our lives as people guided by the Spirit of God, saying,
Response: Lord, shows us your love and lead us to your kingdom.
  1. For the pope, the bishops, the clergy and the religious who hold positions of authority in the Church that they may work for the benefit of the people by teaching them the sound principles of Christian living, we pray… R./
  2. For young people choosing marital life that they may be thoroughly prepared to assume the responsibilities of family life based on the guidelines of the encyclical, Amoris Laetitia, we pray… R./
  3. That couples in difficulty in our parishes may be given spiritual and psychological help so as to trust in each other and resolve conflicts amicably, we pray… R./
  4. That people who suffer from the diseases of the mind may be given adequate care and attention, we pray… R./
  5. For all of us present in this Eucharistic assembly that we may recognize our worth as children of God, loved and cared for by our Father, and sent into the world with a mission, we pray… R./
(Pause to pray for local and personal needs)
Cel: God our Father, we thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus, whose words and deeds surprised the people. Jesus’ fame
spread far and wide because he was a compassionate leader and even the demonic spirits recognized divine power within him. Give us grace that living our lives in obedience to your Son, we may bring glory to your name. We make this prayer …
O Lord, we bring to your altar these offerings of our service: be pleased to receive them, we pray, and transform them into the Sacrament of our redemption. Through Christ our Lord.
PREFACE III (Ordinary)
It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks, Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God.
For we know it belongs to your boundless glory, that you came to the aid of mortal beings with your divinity and even fashioned for us a remedy out of mortality itself, that the cause of our downfall might become the means of our salvation, through Christ our Lord.
Through him the host of Angels adores your majesty and rejoices in your presence for ever. May our voices, we pray, join with theirs in one chorus of exultant praise, as we acclaim:
All: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts...
Let your face shine on your servant. Save me in your merciful love. O Lord, let me never be put to shame, for I call on you. (Ps 30:17-18)
Nourished by these redeeming gifts, we pray, O Lord, that through this help to eternal salvation true faith may ever increase. Through Christ our Lord.
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