Vol: 44, No.43 19TH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR ( A) August 13 2017  

4. Lord, help us to be ever conscious of your abiding presence at our side especially when we struggle against the tempests in the sea of life. Let not discouragement or despair engulf us. Extend your saving hand towards us and save us from every danger, we pray… R/
5. Lord, be merciful towards all your children who are suffering in various ways. Be close to those who are going through doubts and crisis of faith. Grant your healing touch to all who are sick. Admit to your eternal happiness all our departed dear ones, we pray… R/

(Pray for community and personal needs)
Cel: Loving Father, we thank you for sending your Son to stretch out his hands and save us every time we risk drowning in the tempestuous sea of life. Grant us our prayers through the merits of your Son, our Saviour and Lord. We make this prayer …
Be pleased, O Lord, to accept the offerings of your Church, for in your mercy you have given them to be offered and by your power you transform them into the mystery of our salvation. Through Christ our Lord.
PREFACE VI (Ordinary)
It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks, Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God.
For in you we live and move and have our being, and while in this body we not only experience the daily effects of your care, but even now possess the pledge of life eternal.
For, having received the first fruits of the Spirit, through whom you raised up Jesus from the dead, we hope for an everlasting share in the Paschal Mystery.
And so, with all the Angels, we praise you, as in joyful celebration we acclaim:
All: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts…
O Jerusalem, glorify the Lord, who gives you your fill of finest wheat. (Ps147:12, 14)
May the communion in your Sacrament that we have consumed, save us, O Lord, and confirm us in the light of your truth. Through Christ our Lord.
Storm and calm, confusion and silent serenity face each other in the Word of God that is offered to us today, especially in the first reading and the Gospel.
Elijah wanted to meet God and he wanted God to intervene with power and destroy the pagans in Israel. He was heading for Mt Sinai, possibly in the hope of meeting God where Moses had seen him. He wanted God to be a God of fire and sword. He hoped to find him in the storm, in the earthquake, in the fire. But in all these physical proofs of God’s might and power, which Elijah felt were needed in Israel, God was not present. God’s presence was experienced in the soft sound of a gentle breeze.
Thus the prophet learned an important lesson as he too needed to be educated
in his faith. He learned that God is intimacy, is simplicity, is patient and sweet presence, is spirit and life. He doesn’t share our impatience, our intolerance, or the spirit of crusade of the sons of Zebedee and of the fanatics of all times.
The Gospel story too contrasts the storm, fear and terror with the calm and peace which is brought by the apparition of Christ. Why did the Master bid his disciples to row in a raging sea, to fight against the swelling waves in the storm? Why did he bid them risk their lives? Was it not perhaps a way of educating them in faith? They were shown that alone they were helpless to face the powers of nature, to meet the challenges of life. And in moments of difficulties and perils they
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