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Vol: 46, No.58 32ND SUNDAY OF THE YEAR ( C) November 10 2019  
Let my prayer come into your presence. Incline your ear to my cry for help, O Lord. (Ps 87:3)
The Sadducees who put a question to Jesus about the resurrection do not actually hold any belief in it. Hence they come to Jesus with evil motives. They think that by presenting an instance of the levirate marriage in which the younger brother marries the widow of his elder brother in order to raise up children for him, they have a good case to trap Jesus. Jesus’ immediate response is that what is relevant in the physical world do not apply in the spiritual world. Realities change once a person dies. Marriage and other earthly traditions do not have validity in heaven. A person who dies if he has lived a worthy life is raised back to life and he embraces a life that is fitting for heaven. The Sadducees are completely mistaken in their thinking. What ideas do we hold about the resurrection? Do we live a life worthy of the resurrection? (Pause)
I confess to almighty God/...
Glory to God in the highest...
Almighty and merciful God, graciously keep from us all adversity, so that, unhindered in mind and body alike, we may pursue in freedom of heart the things that are yours. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
(The seven sons of the Jewish mother prefer to die rather than break the law of God. These martyrs firmly believe that their bodies will be raised, and this belief gives them courage).
A reading from the Second Book of the Maccabees (7:1-2, 9-14)
Seven brothers and their mother were arrested and were being compelled by the king, under torture with whips and cords, to partake of unlawful swine’s flesh. One of them, acting as their spokesman, said, “What do you intend to ask and learn from us? For we are ready to die rather than transgress the laws of our fathers.”
And when the second was at his last breath, he said, “You accursed wretch, you dismiss us from this present life, but the King of the universe will raise us up to an everlasting renewal of life, because we have died for his laws.”
After him, the third was the victim of their sport. When it was demanded, he quickly put out his tongue and courageously stretched forth his hands, and said nobly, “I got these from Heaven, and because of his laws I disdain them, and from him I hope to get them back again.” As a result the king himself and those with him were astonished at the young man’s spirit, for he regarded his sufferings as nothing.
When he too had died, they maltreated and tortured the fourth in the same way. And when he was near death, he said, “One cannot but choose to die at the hands of men and to cherish the hope that God gives of being raised again by him. But for you there will be no resurrection to life!”
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