Vol: 46, No.19 1ST SUNDAY OF LENT ( C) March 10 2019  
When he calls on me, I will answer him; I will deliver him and give him glory, I will grant him length of days. (Ps 90:15-16)
Most of us will agree that we fall victims to temptation when our body and mind are weak. When our body is robust and our ability to think logically is strong we can resist the temptations. Think about the type of fraud to which people fall victims: the fraudsters know who are gullible and target them. But not Jesus! The tempter came when Jesus was extremely weak due to hunger and exhaustion in the desert. He was in the desert for forty days without food and proper rest. Yet Jesus is able to resist the tempter purely due to the power of the Spirit that is active in him. The tempter tells him to change the stone into bread just once to satiate his hunger. Jesus would not agree. Man does not live by bread alone, was his answer. The tempter tells him to worship him once in order to gain all the power and wealth of the world. Jesus tells him that it is God whom every one must worship. What do we do when we are tempted? Where do we look for strength to resist temptations? (Pause)

I confess to almighty God/...

Grant, almighty God, through the yearly observances of holy Lent, that we may grow in understanding of the riches hidden in Christ and by worthy conduct pursue their effects. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
(The Israelite confession of faith mentions all the important events in their history such as migration to Egypt, the exodus and possession of the Promised Land).
A reading from the Book of Deuteronomy (26:4-10)
Moses said to the people, “The priest shall take the basket from your hand, and set it down before the altar of the Lord your God. And you shall make response before the Lord your God, ‘A wandering Aramaean was my father; and he went down into Egypt and sojourned there, few in number; and there he became a nation, great, mighty and populous. And the Egyptians treated us harshly, and afflicted us, and laid upon us hard bondage. Then we cried to the Lord, the God of our fathers, and the Lord heard our voice, and saw our affliction, our toil, and our oppression, and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, with great terror, with signs and wonders; and he brought us into this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey. And behold, now I bring the first of the fruit of the ground, which thou, O Lord, hast given me.’ And you shall set it down before the Lord your God, and worship before the Lord your God.”
The Word of the Lord
PSALM (91)
Response: Be with me, O Lord, in my distress.
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