Vol: 45, No.58 32ND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME ( B) November 11 2018  
Let my prayer come into your presence. Incline your ear to my cry for help, O Lord. (Ps 88:2)
The liturgy of the Word revolves around two widows who demonstrate firm trust in God despite the difficulties they encounter. Elijah became weary of food and drink as he was fleeing from his enemies. The woman whom he approached initially hesitated to heed to his request for food but when she sensed Elijah to be a man of God she overcame her fear and generously cooperated with the messenger of God. The poor widow who came to the treasury as Jesus sat watching did something more daring. She put everything she possessed into the treasury and Jesus praised her for her selfless giving. Jesus did not praise the poverty of the woman but her generosity. Rich people contributing from their riches carry no novelty, but a poor woman giving everything she owns is a model of selfless giving. Do I offer myself totally to God? Is God pleased with me? (Pause)

I Confess to almighty God/and to you,/ my brothers and sisters,/ that I have greatly sinned,/ in my thoughts and in my words,/ in what I have done/and in what I have failed to do,/ through my fault,/ through my fault,/ through my most grievous fault;/ therefore I ask blessed Mary ever Virgin,/ all the Angels and Saints,/ and you, my brothers and sisters,/ to pray for me to the Lord our God.

Glory to God...
Almighty and merciful God, graciously keep from us all adversity, so that, unhindered in mind and body alike, we may pursue in freedom of heart the things that are yours. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
(In the drought-ridden land of Zarephath God preserves the lives of Elijah and the widow. God shows no partiality but comes to the aid of the suffering whoever they are).
A reading from the First Book of the Kings (17:10-16)
Elijah went to Zarephath; and when he came to the gate of the city, behold, a widow was there gathering sticks; and he called to her and said, “Bring me a little water in a vessel, that I may drink.” And as she was going to bring it, he called to her and said, “Bring me a morsel of bread in your hand.” And she said, “As the Lord your God lives, I have nothing baked, only a handful of meal in a jar, and a little oil in a cruse; and now, I am gathering a couple of sticks, that I may go in and prepare it for myself and my son, that we may eat it, and die.” And Elijah said to her, “Fear not; go and do as you have said; but first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterwards make for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord the God of Israel, ‘The jar of meal shall not be spent, and the cruse of oil shall not fail, until
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