Vol: 45, No.42 17TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME ( B) July 29 2018  
God is in his holy place, God who unites those who dwell in his house; he himself gives might and strength to his people (Ps 68:6-7)
The multiplication of the bread presented in today's gospel took place as the Passover feast of the Jews was approaching. The Passover has a great significance for the Jews because it reminded them of a meal that they ate in readiness to depart from the land of slavery. Though they headed towards the Promised Land as they were rescued from the land of slavery, the Israelites were held back in the wilderness for forty years on account of their rebellion. All through these forty years it was God who gave them food from heaven. The theme of the Passover leads us to the Eucharist. It was at the last supper that Jesus instituted the Eucharist. Eucharist is the spiritual food of Christians without the strength of which no Christian life is possible. How do I value the Eucharist? Does it provide us the spiritual strength that we need for our spiritual journey? (Pause)
I Confess to almighty God/and to you,/ my brothers and sisters,/ that I have greatly sinned,/ in my thoughts and in my words,/ in what I have done/and in what I have failed to do,/ through my fault,/ through my fault,/ through my most grievous fault;/ therefore I ask blessed Mary everVirgin,/ all the Angels and Saints,/ and you, my brothers and
sisters,/ to pray for me to the Lord our God.
Glory to God...
O God, protector of those who hope in you, without whom nothing has firm foundation, nothing is holy, bestow in abundance your mercy upon us and grant that, with you as our ruler and guide, we may use the good things that pass in such a way as to hold fast even now to those that ever endure. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns...
(The twenty barley loaves that the man brings to Elisha are sufficient to feed a hundred men because they are miraculously multiplied).
A reading from the Second Book of the Kings (4:42-44)
A man came from Baalshalishah, bringing the man of God bread of the first fruits, twenty loaves of barley, and fresh ears of grain in his sack. And Elisha said, "Give to the men, that they may eat." But his servant said, "How am I to set this before a hundred men?" So he repeated, "Give them to the men, that they may eat, for thus says Lord, "They shall eat and have some left"." So he set it before them. And they ate, and had some left, according to the word of the Lord.
The Word of the Lord
PSALM (145)
Response: You open wide your hand, O Lord, and grant our desires.
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