Vol: 43, No.60 34TH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR ( C) November 20 2016  
How worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and divinity, and wisdom and strength and honour. To him belong glory and power for ever and ever. (Rev5:12; 1:6)

It is fitting that we end the liturgical year by honouring Christ as our King. He is called the Lord, Christ, Son of God, and Saviour which are spiritual titles but also earthly titles like King is well fitting for him. After having raised Jesus from the dead God made him sit at his right hand and gave him dominion over everything in heaven and on earth. Jesus did not claim to be a king while on earth but after his resurrection Jesus is rightly our King under whose banner we are proud to march. People expect good governance and favours from their earthly kings. Being seated at his Father’s right hand, Jesus is well placed to grant us a different set of gifts. He is ever willing to give us peace, friendship, love, kindness, gentleness, meekness and many other gifts. Ultimately what we require from Jesus is what he promised to the good thief: a place in Paradise. Do we believe in our King? Do we look to be saved by him? (Pause)

I confess to almighty God/....
Glory to God in the highest...
Almighty ever-living God, whose will
is to restore all things in your beloved Son, the King of the universe, grant, we pray, that the whole creation, set free from slavery, may render your majesty service and ceaselessly proclaim your praise. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
The request to make David king over Israel comes from all the tribes of Israel. The representatives of the tribes then travel to Hebron, which is situated south of Jerusalem, where they anoint him king over Israel).
A reading from the Second Book of Samuel (5:1-3)
All the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron, and said, “Behold, we are your bone and flesh. In times past, when Saul was king over us, it was you that led out and brought in Israel; and the Lord said to you, ‘You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over Israel’.” So all the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron; and King David made a covenant with them at Hebron before the Lord and they anointed David king over Israel.
The Word of the Lord
PSALM (122)
Response: I rejoiced when I heard them say: “Let us go to God’s house.”
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