Vol: 43, No.57 31ST SUNDAY OF THE YEAR ( C) October 30 2016  
Forsake me not, O Lord, my God; be not far from me! Make haste and come to my help, O Lord, my strong salvation! (Ps 37:22-23)

The Berlin Wall was built to prevent people of East Germany from crossing over to West Germany. It was a barrier that was considered impenetrable and many people lost their lives by trying to cross it. And yet on 9 November 1989 the Berlin wall was demolished. In the time of Jesus collecting taxes was not the easiest thing to do and so the tax collectors had to be rude. Because of their ruthlessness in extracting enormous amount of money the people hated them and called them sinners. But Jesus chose a tax collector as an apostle and then another tax collector Zacchaeus underwent total transformation from a sinner to a saint. There is no structure that cannot be torn down and no human being is beyond conversion. All depends on what we do when the opportunity arrives. Zacchaeus did not throw away his opportunity but grabbed it to be a changed man. Am I willing to bring about a change in my life? (Pause)

I confess to almighty God/and to you,/my brothers and sisters,/that I have greatly sinned,/in my thoughts and in my words,/in what I have done and in what I have failed to do,/through my fault,/through my fault,/through my most grievous fault;/therefore I ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin,/all the Angels
and Saints,/and you,/my brothers and sisters,/to pray for me to the Lord our God.
Glory to God in the highest...
Almighty and merciful God, by whose gift your faithful offer you right and praiseworthy service, grant, we pray, that we may hasten without stumbling to receive the things you have promised. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
(In this passage the author says that God loves everything that exists for he would not have made them if he did not actually love them).
A reading from the Book of Wisdom (11:22Ė12:2)
The whole world before thee, Lord, is like a speck that tips the scales, and like a drop of morning dew that falls upon the ground. But thou art merciful to all, for thou canst do all things, and thou dost overlook menís sins, that they may repent. For thou lovest all things that exist, and hast loathing for none of the things which thou hast made, for thou wouldst not have made anything if thou hast hated it. How would anything have endured if thou hadst not willed it? Or how would anything not called forth by thee have been preserved? Thou sparest all things, for they are thine, O Lord who lovest the living. For thy immortal spirit
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