Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have already subscribed to Volume 47. Is it possible to renew it for Volume 48?
    • Please make the payment and send a mail to requesting to renew your subscription. Please note: After renewal you will be able to view Volume 48 only and not Volume 47.
    • If you want to view volume 47 also in future, then Register once again with a different username.
  • Can the Subscriber of Volume 48 view Volume 47 also?
    No. Subscription for each volume is treated as separate.
  • Earlier I had the subscription for Volume 47. Now I subscribed to Volume 48 with a different username. Can I view both the volumes?
    Yes, if you have paid and your Subscriptions are active. Use earlier username to view Volume 47 and use the new username to view volume 48.
  • Is it possible to view volume 47 & 48 with one username?
    No. Registration/Subscription for each volume is treated as separate Registration/Subscription.
  • What is the difference between the Printed Magazine and the Digital Magazine?
    The Digital Magazine is paperless. It is created electronically and retained on the server as PDF file.
  • Is it available for all?
    No. PDF files are available to paid subscribers only.
  • How to access the PDF files?
    Login to the website to read it online or to download.
  • Is the Digital Magazine available on mobiles, tablets or smart phones?
    Normally it works on all instruments.
  • Is the Digital Magazine FREE to subscribers of the Printed Magazine?
  • Is the Printed Magazine FREE to subscribers of the Digital Magazine?
  • Can one change one's subscription for the Printed Magazine to the Digital Magazine or vice versa?
  • What is the subscription rate for the Digital Magazine?
    Rs. 100/- for one complete Volume.
  • How many issues are there in One Volume?
    52 issues. There will be one issue on every sunday and few special issues also.
  • What is meant by special issues?
    Special issues are for .....
  • What is the method to send the amount for subscription?
    Payment can be made in the form of a Demand Draft, Cheque, Money Order or NEFT
  • Are there any additional charges for outstation cheques?
  • In whose name should the Demand Draft/ Cheque be made?
    Demand Draft or Cheque should be made in favour of The Sunday Liturgy and is payable at Mumbai.
  • Can I pay by Credit Card?
    Yes. The Payment Gateway to subscribe for the Digital Magazine is available at www.betteryourself
  • Can I pay by NEFT or UPI?
    Yes. Account Number : 033300482627190001 - Catholic Syrian Bank, Bandra West - IFSC Code : CSBK0000333
  • Within how many days will the Subscription get activated?
    The subscription will be activated only after receipt of payment.
  • If the subscription is paid using a Credit Card, will it get activated immediately?
    No. Only after confirmation from the Bank.
  • How much time will it take to get the confirmation from the bank?
    Generally by the next working day.
  • Can the subscription for the Digital Magazine be discontinued midway?
  • What is the refund policy?
    No refund is allowed in any circumstances.
  • Can I share my subscription with others?
    No. The subscription is only for one person.
  • Can I share the PDF files with others?
    No. The whole magazine is protected by the copyright law and it is illegal to share/distribute or sell. His/her account will get terminated if found otherwise.
  • Is there any way to find out whether any other person is using my username and password?
    Yes. Every time one logs in to read it online, the server keeps track of the location from where one is accesssing the server. If the server finds three or more duplicate entry points, it will automaticallly block that username from accessing the pages.
  • What should one do if the username gets blocked?
    Contact to get it re-activated. Admin has the right to discontinue the account permanently if someone continues to share the username/pdf with others.
  • What should one do if the password is lost?
    Autorecovery option is available on the login page. One can contact to re-send the password. It will be sent again to the email or mobile number given at the time of registration.
  • Is my subscription valid for one year.
  • How long the subscription is valid?
    Subscribed volume will be available to the subscriber for next few years.
  • When does the first issue of a a volume start?
    Normally in December, first sunday of December and will end by the last sunday of November, next year.
  • If one subscribes in June or July, that person will get only the remaining issues. Is there any consession on subscription amount if join in the middle?

  • Brief Introduction of the Theme of the Sunday that leads to the Penitential Rite
  • Introduction to each Reading
  • Full Text of the Three Readings
  • Proper Prayers of the Mass
  • Prayer of the Faithful
  • Liturgical Calendar of the Week
  • Liturgy and Life (Reflections on the Word)
A Pastoral Ministry of the Members of the Society of St Paul with ecclesiastical approval.
Readings are from the RSV Bible with publisher's permission.
Fr (Dr) Augustine Kanachikuzhy,ssp
Fr Michael John,ssp
Print Edition Subscription Rate:
  • Single Copy: Rs.2.50/-
  • 1 Year: Rs.150/-
  • 2 Years : Rs.300/-
  • 3 Years: Rs. 400/-
  • Foreign (Air Mail) 600/-
Mode of Payment:
M.O., D.D. or Bank Transfer in favour of:
The Sunday Liturgy
Account Number : 033300482627190001
Catholic Syrian Bank,
Bandra West
IFSC Code : CSBK0000333
Address for Communication:
The Sunday Liturgy
P.B. 9814, 58/23rd Road, TPS III
Bandra West, Mumbai - 400 050
Tel: 022-26510921
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